Dynamic Research Technologies

Dynamic Research Technologies, Llc has been found in 2005 and its headquarters and main manufacturing plant are located in Grant City, MO.

The key people behind DRT™ have extensive experience and background in worldwide ammunition business and when the opportunity came to engage in research of what we like to refer to as "real world alternative to conventional lead-based ammunition", we knew we are going to change the history. Our ammunition has been sold to law enforcement and government agencies for decade and has been serving our country overseas.

Here’s how it works:

Once the bullet enters the organic target, (fancy words for living animal or person), the tissue enters the hollowpoint causing delayed opening of the projectile. The composite powder core is then released in a spray pattern throughout the target causing massive hemorrhaging. When striking bone, the bullet will penetrate through it and may start to open as it exits the bone causing the bones to fragment and be thrown through the organs. Typically we find that you can hunt animals with a much smaller weapon than typically used due to these facts. This allows young hunters or inexperienced shooters to feel more comfortable, mainly because recoil is not a factor in accuracy. We believe that not all animals or targets are created equal with different densities in organs and tissues causing some variation in wound cavities. Under-penetration is not an issue with our premium rounds. All of our rounds will disintegrate on steel and will not ricochet.

The successful law enforcement application of our product led to extensive R&D in the field of hunting and in 2007 we have introduced just the perfect round for the determined hunter. We have tested our hunting rounds worldwide in different climate conditions, performing terminal shots over 1,000 yards. We have teamed up with Safari Club International TV in 2007 to get some of the incredible hits on camera (Expedition Safari airing on Versus channel).

At Dynamic Research Technologies, we introduce the new generation of ammunition to you today. We are very consciousness about our environment and so is our bullet - it is lead-free!