At Crosstac, we know "the advanced thinking that creates superior gear" can come from anywhere. We want to share some of our "ideas in progress" with you. What's our process for improving on what's out there?

1. INSPIRATION. We're passionate shooters who grew frustrated with the amount of gear out there that either breaks easily or doesn't work. So, we stay inspired by constantly thinking and looking for better ways to make things or do things.

2. INVENTION. In pursuit of the best possible shooting experience, we assembled a team of designers & engineers to construct awesome products based on our creative ideas. The goal: build things tougher and smarter... invent superior tactical gear.

3. INNOVATION. Our secret is simple. Common sense, endless experience on the range and in the field, and a pure love for the entire array of shooting sports. We live to turn ideas into no-compromise gear that actually works. That's how we create our own brand of innovation... giving you more precision and more joy every time you squeeze off a round.