A generation born from innovation. The intrigue surrounding the best binocular on earth continues to grow exponentially, while the entire line of rugged Brunton optics continue to set the bar for sharp views and stellar performance. Choose from three lines of optics that match your passion.

Need a light? Fuel your need for fire with one of our windproof lighters. An internal flame can withstand up to 80 mph winds.

We build navigational instruments that aid the military, help build bridges, educate our youth and show blind climbers the way up Everest. Because we know a compass is more than a tool, itís a necessity. Itís an investment in safety. And a Brunton compass is more like a right of passage in life, the time when you truly become self-sufficient and understand what the outdoors are really about.

Our portable power is truly a harbinger of things to come in outdoor technology. This year we take you a few steps further into the future as we continue to pioneer the most durable, portable power technology for the outdoors. From solar recharging units, to power storage devices and fuel cell mobility, we lead the charge into a changing world filled with electrical applications.