Blackhawk Knoxx Stocks

    Knoxx Industries is the leader in recoil solutions. Current products include the CompStock. This first truly effective shotgun recoil-reducing device marked the company's progress in recoil-suppression research, culminating in the new SpecOps Folder and finally the SpecOps Stock. These replacement shotgun stocks reduce recoil and muzzle flip dramatically and are ideal for military, law enforcement, sporting and home defense uses.

    Recoil-reducing replacement stocks have been added for many varieties of bolt-action rifles with the Rifle CompStock and Axiom V/S Rifle Stocks.

    Blackhawk Knoxx rifle stocks have an adjustable fit for any size shooter. Tactical rifle stocks, featuring Ruger stock and Remington stocks, focus on reducing recoil, accuracy and adjustability for the shooter.

    Blackhawk Knoxx shotgun stocks are available to replace a Mossberg stock, Remington stock and Winchester stock. With an improved recoil reduction for your shotgun, the Blackhawk Knoxx is the perfect choice. Also available in a shotgun pistol grip and specops folding version.