Arc'teryx Khard 45 Backpack
Arc'teryx Khard 45 Backpack
Arc'teryx Khard 45 Backpack
Arc'teryx Khard 45 Backpack
Arc'teryx Khard 45 Backpack
Arc'teryx Khard 45 Backpack
Arc'teryx Khard 45 Backpack
Arc'teryx Khard 45 Backpack
Arc'teryx Khard 45 Backpack
Arc'teryx Khard 45 Backpack
Arc'teryx Khard 45 Backpack
Arc'teryx Khard 45 Backpack
Arc'teryx Khard 45 Backpack
Arc'teryx Khard 45 Backpack
Arc'teryx Khard 45 Backpack
Arc'teryx Khard 45 Backpack

Arc'teryx Khard 45 Backpack

SKU #: Arcteryx-10815
Fully padded, single compartment bag. Zipper closure opens from the top, side or unzips pack completely to reveal interior composite panels lined with Velcro® loops and daisy chains for versatile pouch/radio configurations or camera equipment. Top lid has extended zippered pocket plus stash pocket and two zippered side pockets carry 3L bladder or 1L bottles. Radically light in weight C² composite construction suspension system holds load tight and close to the body, avoiding shifts in weight to conserve energy. Velcro® One-Wrap® cable/hose management system and integrated hydration ports.

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  • Radically lightweight C² suspension system holds load close to the body, avoiding shifts and conserving energy
  • Dual density shoulder straps distribute weight over broad and more rigid surface
  • Full U-zip opens for top loading, side duffel access or flat to expose all contents
  • Velcro® One-Wrap® cable/hose management system keeps bag streamlined
  • Removable support stays can be shaped for custom fitting over personal protective equipment
  • Exceptionally durable high tenacity nylon textile withstands hard use
  • Two side pockets with hydration ports carry 3L bladder or 1L water bottles; lid has extended top pocket and stash pocket
  • Hydration ports at top of shoulders, on side pockets
  • Quick release buckles on shoulder straps
  • Removable thermomolded hip pods


  • 500D Cordura®
  • SpacerMesh™
  • 8mm composite (C²) framesheet
  • 22mm extruded anodized aluminum stays


  • Surface clean only.
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    By Chris from Cali
    February 10, 2016
    Everything I expected and more
    I purchased this bag hoping for "last time" solution to having a travel/hike bag. I am very hard on my gear, but so far this thing still looks like new. For packing, I've found it best to unzip it all the way open, lay everything in, then zip it all up. For my "right now" items, I can put them at the very top of the bag, almost like an old ruck or something. There are a lot of reinforced loops on the bag to attach carabiners, zip ties, etc. I highly recommend it - worth every penny.
    ProsComfortable Spacious Flexible Durable
    ConsThe primary con is the lack of inside compartments/pouches. I know that increases flexibility, but sometimes I want to stash things inside for protection (camera, etc.). Fortunately, I've found some Maxpedition pouches that are hook and loop (Max = hook, Arc = loop) to provide that inside storage when I want it. My only other gripe is that the waist belt is a little short (I'm a 38 waist) when wearing overclothes (light jacket or a fleece or something). If you're a 34 waist or less, it'll be fine.
    By Agsilvajr
    long beach Ca
    May 25, 2015
    youmemtioned you had ample space left over; do you believe you would have been able to accomplish all the aforementioned with the 30, then?
    By JP
    November 24, 2014
    This Dead Bird Takes Flight
    Spent several weeks in Eastern Europe this fall with this bag. It was the only bag I brought with me. The 45L bag was large enough for 4 pairs of pants, 5 shirts, 2 sweaters, 5 pairs of underwear, 7 pairs of socks, a soft-shell, toiletries, miscellaneous electronics, reading material, a dry bag, an empty day-bag and maps... and still have quite a bit of room left over. All of this and it still met both domestic (USA) and International carry-on restrictions - so no checked luggage. Washed clothes in the sink/ tub as needed, used the shock cord on the outside of the pack as a clothes-line. Bag is of excellent quality - tightly stitched fabric sheds dirt and light rain quite well, and the wolf-grey color is discreet and fits in well with a variety of urban and semi-rural environments. The bag has a lot of utility without screaming "military" or "tactical". The pack rides well - close to the body, on the hips and off your rear-end and neck. The dense shoulder straps distribute weight well on the shoulders, but can be uncomfortable hauling gear for long periods in civilian clothes, and aren't meant for serious weight (over 50 lbs and you will likely be in trouble), but do the job they were intended for with minimal bulk. Not meant for serious rucking in austere conditions, I would argue. That said, it survived 6 plane rides, 7 train rides, 2 bus rides and a variety of hostels, hotels and houses across 4 different countries without a scratch - and several camping and climbing expeditions since. The ability of the pack to open up completely and flatten out is excellent for packing, assessing gear, grabbing things at the bottom of your bag that you need, or assuring guards at security checkpoints that there isn't anything to be concerned about inside your backpack. The loop lining inside is something I have not utilized, but I can see the utility of such for organizing things within the large central pocket. As for the cons: the pack doesn't breathe well on the back (solid plastic back is very durable, but not comfortable in the heat). Again, not a problem for those of you who will be wearing this over a plate carrier, but for those blending in a bit more, expect to be warm. The bag sheds light water for a time, but heavier rains will will soak the inside of the bag. Pack accordingly. Lastly, the bag isn't very adjustable in size/ shape. For those of you who are particularly tall/ small/ wide/ thin, you might encounter some issues here in the comfort department. While on the expensive side, the bag offers tremendous value for the price, being able to fit into a variety of roles in your life, tactical or otherwise. The Khard 45 has become my go-to for international travel, extended car-trips and multi-day camping/ climbing adventures across the US. As for those choosing between the 45L and 30 L - the only difference is in the "depth" of the bag - the distance between your back and the outer webbing. The height and width of the bag is identical on both models, the 45L just sticks out away from your body more. Inconvenient for those who may be climbing into and out of small spaces (i.e windows and cars), useful for those traveling through narrow spaces (planes, buses, door-ways and alley-ways in many eastern countries). Furthermore, the foam padding in the shoulder straps of the 45 is slightly thicker, helping with heavier loads, and while both models have a stabilizer belt around the waist, the 45 has removable padding on the belt - which helps to transfer some weight off the shoulders and on to the hips.
    ProsMakes excellent use of the space available. Customization with inserts. Carries well, cleans easily. Discreet styling and coloration. Easy to access items anywhere in the pack with unique zipper system. Bag is firm and padded to keep shape and protect items held within.
    ConsDoesn't shed water well. Does not circulate air-flow well for user.
    4 Questions & 4 Answers
    from W Palm asked:
    February 3, 2017
    Will a 24.5" SBR fit inside? The measurements I saw say 23" long but I was wondering if there is some stretch without the muzzle looking awkward.
    1 Answers
    There should be enough flex in the material to fit your carbine however you will notice that it’s there with the pack closed.
    Customer Service
    on February 10, 2017

    from Valdosta, GA asked:
    March 6, 2016
    I have seen a few questions regarding size and will this meet airline carry on requirements, but no where have I actually seen the dimensions posted. Can you please provide these. I have found the dimensions for the Khard 35 (Height 21" Width 13" Depth 9" at the bottom and 7" at the top). I am looking to see the differences in size between the 30 and the 45 (other than "15 more liters).
    1 Answers
    Khard 30 8"x13"x19" Khard 45 13"x8"x23"
    Customer Service
    on March 30, 2016

    from FL asked:
    May 13, 2015
    Hello, Does the pack include the small separate compartments from the pictures? If not,how can i purchase them? Thank you.
    1 Answers
    This backpack does not include the smaller compartments. It is a Velcro lined pack so you can add hook and loop pouches in any configuration that you would like. You can find some of the pouches in the hook and loop section of Maxpedition.
    Customer Service
    on May 13, 2015

    from Seattle asked:
    April 24, 2015
    Curious if the 45L would be too large for airline travel. Overhead, not under the seat. If packed at 3/4 capacity. I've been comparing the images online with the 30 and 45 to figure which would be the largest I could get away with carry on restriction. Sizing. I normally wear a TALL in all of the ArcT packs. I noticed LEAF is not doing the frame sheet sizing. This will be used for extensive travel, Planes..Trains...and Automobiles. 15L is not that much, I'm curios where the difference is between the 30 or 45. In the highest or the width. Appreciate it.
    1 Answers
    after measuring the bag yes this would met the carry on restrictions for an over head carry bag. you do have about 1 inch to half an inch on all the measurements so you could potentially fully load this bag out and still met the measurements. as well please read the first comment on this item as well as the person does explain how he has used this bag as a carry on bag and it has worked out very well for him.
    Customer Service
    on April 27, 2015

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