ALTAMA was founded in 1969 in Darien, Georgia. Originally a children?s shoe plant, the facility was converted to manufacture olive drab jungle boots for US Soldiers serving in Vietnam. Since 1969, ALTAMA has been a leading manufacturer of Mil-Spec boots for the US Department of Defense, supplying to thousands of military personnel worldwide. In addition to the US Military, ALTAMA markets and distributes its products to federal, state and local agencies, military schools, police, Special Forces, uniform shops and Army/Navy retailers.

    It is difficult for us to accurately determine your boot size since everyone?s foot is a little different. This is a personal preference based on the comfort of your feet in the boots. We usually recommend trying at least a ? size smaller than the size that you wear in running shoes for our military boots. For our tactical lines, we recommend purchasing the same size as your running shoes. Unless otherwise indicated, all sizes listed on our website are based on men?s size/width runs. Typically, female customers can order our boots 1 ? sizes smaller. Example, a women?s size 8 = a men?s size 6.5.

    **Please try on your boots or shoes indoors and with the sock you intend to wear before going outside. Once the tags are removed and there is any sign of wear on the shoes/boots they will not be accepted for a return. Fit is not considered a warranty defect by LA Police Gear or its vendors.