5.11 Tactical PDU Uniforms

    5.11 Tactical PDU Uniforms - Going into battle in a business suit? 5.11 Tactical heard from officers across the country about how they’re faced with wearing uniforms that are more suitable for a business meeting than out in the real world. Officers want a functional uniform that will withstand the rigors of duty yet maintain the proper command presence. 5.11 understands how important a neat, clean and professional appearance is to both individual officers and their chain of command.

    Tradition is a strong force in the selection of uniforms, yet uniforms have consistently evolved with the times. 5.11 Tactical call that the evolution of tradition and is pleased to bring you the next leap ahead – the 5.11 Patrol Duty Uniform ( 5.11 PDU Uniform ).

    5.11 Tactical has designed the Patrol Duty Uniform to provide the officer with a truly functional garment while maintaining a neat, clean and professional appearance. And 5.11 has done so while maintaining that traditional uniform look that administrators want. Have your department join the 21st century and give the 5.11 Tactical PDU uniform a try.