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Tactical Terms Glossary

Below you will find a list of common abbreviations and terms seen on the LA Police Gear website along with their definition. If you see another term on our website that you are unsure of the meaning for, and it is not on this list, please contact us and we will help you out!

  • ACU: Army Combat Uniform

  • ALS: Automatic Locking System

  • A-TACS: A type of camouflage.

  • BDU: Battle Dress Uniform

  • BW: BasketWeave

  • CAA: Command Arms Accessories

  • Camo: A common abbreviation for camouflage.

  • CB: Carabiner

  • CCW: Concealed Carry Weapon

  • CF: Carbon Fiber

  • CQC: Close Quarters Combat

  • CQT: Close Quarters Tactical

  • CT: Composite Toe OR Coyote Tan

  • Cuff: A common abbreviation for handcuffs.

  • E&E: Escape & Evasion

  • EDC: Every Day Carry

  • ELS: Equipment Locking System

  • EMS: Emergency Medical Services

  • GTG: Good to Go

  • IR: Infrared

  • IWB: Inside WaistBand

  • LE: Law Enforcement

  • LED: Light Emitting Diode

  • Level 1 Retention: Referring to a holster, the weapon retention method is friction.

  • Level 2 Retention: Referring to a holster, the weapon retention method is friction and a push button release.

  • Level 3 Retention: Referring to a holster, the weapon retention method is friction, a push button release, and a spring loaded cap that snaps in place over the rear of the slide.

  • LRT: Long Range Tactical

  • Mag: A common abbreviation for pistol/rifle magazines.

  • MLS: Molle Locking System

  • MOA: Minute of Angle

  • MOLLE: MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment

  • MRT: Mid Range Tactical

  • NTOA: National Tactical Officers Association

  • OD: Olive Drab (commonly known as Green)

  • PALS/PAL: A term for molle compatible attachment straps or items.

  • PDU: Patrol Dress Uniform

  • QD: Quick Disconnect

  • QLS: Quick Locking System

  • RLS: Rapid Light System

  • S.T.R.I.K.E.: Soldier Tactical Retro Integrated Kit Enhanced

  • SERPA: A type of Blackhawk holster, named after its inventor Michael Serpa.

  • SLS: Self Locking System

  • ST: Steel Toe

  • STX: A type of finish for Safariland Duty Holsters.

  • TDU: Tactical Dress Uniform

  • USAF: United States Air Force

  • USMC: United States Marine Corps

  • USN: United States Navy

  • VTAC: Viking Tactics

  • WP: WaterProof

  • ZK: Zombie Killer

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