Survival Straps Paracord Survival Bracelet

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NOTE: Only available in solid colors at this time. Choose your clasp style, color, and wrist size in the drop down menu.

Design your own Survival Bracelet™ paracord bracelet. This Regular version is our most popular product for men. There are thousands of color combinations possible, so you are sure to design something that you love! Wear your Survival Bracelet™ with pride as it is a symbol of strength, honor, and the greatness of American production.


  • The rugged Survival Bracelet™ is expedition ready, super stylish, and preferred by most men
  • Made in America with a portion of the proceeds going to support America's heroes
  • Contains up to 15’ of super strong, 550 test military spec paracord
  • In an emergency, unravel the bracelet to deploy the paracord for your use
  • If you use it in an emergency, send us your story, hardware, and a photo and we’ll replace it for free
  • The stainless shackle adjusts on your wrist and contains a break away safety feature
  • If your bracelet has an officially licensed logo, it is super durable and won’t scratch, rust, or show fingerprints


  • All Survival Straps® gear is made from actual military spec 550 test paracord. Paracord is super strong military cord used for rigging inside of military parachutes. It is an incredible material that is used in thousands of other ways by the military and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • An average 7.5” Survival Bracelet™ contains approximately 14’ of paracord
  • You can unravel your Survival Bracelet™ in any emergency. Once the paracord is deployed, you can use it however you may need it! Check out the stories section of our website to see how many of our customers have unraveled their Survival Bracelets™ and used them in emergencies.
  • Our Policy: If You Use it, We Replace it
  • If you find that a strong piece of paracord would help you or someone else out during an emergency, we want you to unravel your Survival Bracelet™. If you do use the paracord in an emergency, send us your story, pictures, and the hardware from your gear and we’ll send you a replacement for free!


    Adjustable Stainless Shackle - Clevis Pin - Our most popular closure
  • All the strength of the original shackle screw pin but super easy to put on
  • The preferred, newest closure made from marine grade stainless steel with three adjustment settings and a high speed, no-snag design.
  • Push the pin through the tongue and shackle to secure the bracelet. This closure secures the bracelet, but is much easier to take on and off than the original screw pin version.
  • Includes: stainless steel and breakaway pins.
  • Survival Straps® is stamped into our stainless shackle closure just so you know who has your back!

    Adjustable Nylon 6-6 Shackle - Clevis Pin
  • This closure is made from super tough black matte nylon 6-6 with three adjustment settings and a high speed, no-snag design.
  • Push the pin through the tongue and shackle to secure the bracelet. This closure is secure, but super easy to take on and off.
  • Includes: standard and breakaway pins.
  • Survival Straps® is stamped into our stainless shackle closure just so you know who has your back!


    "Dear SurvivalStraps,

    I am in the United States Army, and while in Iraq, I received a Survival Strap in one of your care packages. I really loved having one. While conducting a mission, my rifle sling was cut by the vehicle ramp door. I unraveled my survival strap and used it to make a makeshift sling. Thanks to you I was able to continue the mission with positive control of my weapon. Now that I am home, I would like to purchase another one.

    Thank You,

    David J."

    "My name is MA2 Ellis, Matthew and I am currently deployed as an explosive dog handler in southern Iraq. Last week, I was on a mission conducting route clearance when a buckle on my body armor blew out. The buckle was on the shoulder and all that was holding the armor on my body was the hook and loop. I immediately called a halt to the patrol and remounted back into my MRAP and tried figuring out a way to rig it back together. After a few minutes brain storming it dawned on me that I had my survival strap bracelet in my go bag that my brother got me for my birthday. I usually wear it but could not on this mission because of certain regulations. I unwound it and threaded it through the buckle and tied it off with a square knot. Thank god I had that with me because I was able to continue my mission with all of my gear in order.

    Much Thanks!!!!

    MA2 Ellis Master-At-Arms (K-9) Second Class Petty Officer United States Navy Camp Basra, Iraq"
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    Survival Straps Paracord Survival Bracelet
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    3 Stars

    product is 1/2" larger than specified
    April 27, 2013

    Ask a Question
    By Umberto Ingargiola on March 28, 2013
    what is the strength difference between the nylon and the s.s. shackle?
    on March 28, 2013

    According to Survival Straps, the Stainless Shackle is the most secure shackle, but both the SS and Nylon buckles are designed to break-away at higher load levels so as to not cause injury if the bracelet has been snagged or caught on something.

    By Ed on February 13, 2013
    Does the measurement include the buckle - or is it just the 550 cord with the buckle adding an extra half inch or so?
    on February 13, 2013

    The measurement of the bracelet is measuring just the paracord, the buckle adds another approximate 1".

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