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Surefire 2211 Luminox Watch WristLight
Surefire 2211 Luminox Watch WristLight
Surefire 2211 Luminox Watch WristLightSurefire 2211 Luminox Watch WristLightSurefire 2211 Luminox Watch WristLight

Surefire 2211 Luminox Watch WristLight

MSRP: $795.00
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SKU #: SF-2211-A-BK-LMX
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Available in May 2014 (According to Surefire)

The versatile new 2211 Luminox WristLight provides blinding LED-generated light shaped by a specially designed optic into a diffused beam designed to positively identify threats and overwhelm their dark-adapted vision. Optimized for close-quarter armed confrontations like the original 2211 built for beat cops, this model also features a rugged, illuminated Luminox timepiece featuring Luminox Light Technology. This is the ideal tactical combination for law enforcement officers—which can be worn on and off duty—as well as for private citizens and military personnel who want a reliable, premium watch and a powerful everyday-carry light that’s always ready in low-light environments. Designed to automatically align with your pistol when using a normal two-handed firing grip, the 2211 also includes low-output settings for close up work, a fuel gauge, and a micro-USB port for simple recharging.

Output / Runtime

  • High: 200.0 lumens / 1.25 hours*
  • Med: 60.0 lumens / 4.0 hours
  • Low: 15.0 lumens / 13.0 hours
  • Surefire 2211 Luminox Watch WristLight
    By norman on July 19, 2013
    is it water proof
    on July 19, 2013

    Yes, this Surefire Wristlight is IPX-7 rated.

    By Robert on February 11, 2013
    do they make them for lefties
    on February 11, 2013

    Surefire has not yet announced if they will be making this Wrist Light for left handed users since it is not available for purchase yet.

    By Anthony on February 2, 2013
    When is this expected for purchase? Same lumens at wrist light?
    on February 2, 2013

    There is not expected date for this item yet. It will have a 180 lumen light.

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