Blackhawk Diversion Carry Racquet Bag

Blackhawk Diversion Carry Racquet Bag

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Take concealment to a whole new level with the Diversion Racquet Bag. Featuring padded walls with an inner shell, this clever bag mimics an ordinary tennis raquet case but allows you to keep firearms protected and out of sight.


  • Constructed of 420 velocity nylon
  • Internal divider for carrying up to two firearms or separated upper/lower AR-15 receivers (up to 29 long)
  • Padded walls with inner shell hide firearm outlines
  • Heavy-duty lockable zipper sliders
  • Reviews
    Blackhawk Diversion Carry Racquet Bag
    5 Stars based on 12 Review(s)
    4 Stars
    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    September 24, 2016
    This is definitely for the SBR or pistol versions of popular rifles. Maybe an 18" pistol grip shotgun, PLR-16, etc. It definitely will NOT FIT a standard carbine length rifle. It appears well made with smooth zippers and will not print the contents. Just keep in mind it is extremely compact for extremely compact arms.
    Seems to be decently constructed. Does not "print" contents. Heavier outer material gives rigidity. Could carry several pistols and mag carriers is this bag in complete comfort.
    Not long enough for standard "carbines'' of the AR style. So very limited applications for carry of a rifle.

    wade taylor
    5 Stars
    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    March 31, 2016
    fast shipping and good price

    North Carolina
    5 Stars
    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    Great SBR Bag
    January 14, 2016
    This bag appears to be well constructed and holds my SBR with no problems. I highly recommend it.
    Concealability Well Constructed Hook and Loop acceptable interior for Accessories
    Only one Pocket on exterior (if that's even a con...)

    Gary Johnston
    5 Stars
    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    Tennis Anyone ?
    June 3, 2015
    This is a fun bag to keep your SBR and mags in. Price was right and it arrived in a reasonable time. Wish they hadnt folded the bag for shipping as it deforms the foam . . . but it is almost back to normal.
    size looks fit

    Mulberry fl
    5 Stars
    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    Nice bag
    February 15, 2015
    Nice bag looks good
    Looks like a ra meet bag
    Could be longer

    Northern Utah
    5 Stars
    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    Innocuous carry
    October 16, 2014
    Nice construction and materials. A rather fine zipper, but fitting for the ruse. Shoulder strap is ample for the weight and removable. Side zipper seems a bit superfluous since there's really no depth. Good for paperwork or a target I suppose. Interior is soft and has a full sized center divider that velcro's along the non zip edge of the bag. No other straps or internal 'parts'. Bag is approx 3" wide, and flexible, so can readily accommodate most any short rifle or SBR, but not 2. Certainly could fit multiple handguns but I have not tried any velcro strapping to see if it sticks to the sides of the bag or the center divider. I just barely accommodates my (folded) SU-16C with its flash hider OR my AK with the stock folded (Tapco) Great pricing at lapolicegear and great service to boot!

    5 Stars
    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    Great carry bag
    July 10, 2014
    Bought to carry my AR pistol with 8 inch barrel. Works great Wish it came with more or different covers. If you see one you know what is in there.

    Ramblin man
    New Mexico
    5 Stars
    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    Incognito bag
    February 20, 2014
    This carry case is perfect to carry firearms with everyone knowing what you have. Great idea!!

    Very Happy
    United States
    5 Stars
    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    High Quality - exactly what I was looking for
    January 9, 2014
    The carry bag is durable - well lined as to not be damaged easily. I keep a short barreled shotgun and an AR pistol in mine.

    So Cal
    5 Stars
    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    Perfect for discrete transport of 16" barrel AR15
    January 9, 2014
    Case was delivered quickly and arrived in perfect condition. It is well made and best used with AR15's with barrels less than 16 inches.

    5 Stars

    July 15, 2013
    I was surprised at how much this case looked like a tennis racquet bag (I played in high school). It works great with a broken down AR-15, even with a mag inserted in the mag well.

    Miami, FL
    5 Stars

    Totally Discreet for the right firearm
    June 28, 2013
    I have used this to tote around the following firearms Keltec KSG, Tavor (no mag inserted) and SBR Uzi (10.2" barrel) Watch your optics, if they are too tall you won't be able to close it. Haven't tried it with a separated AR but as soon as I do I will report back. Bag is well built, zippers seem to be working really well. Great padding makes it easy to carry and did I mention totally discreet? Hope this helps.

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